Meet The Founder: MoAndra Johnson, MFT

   She obtained her BA in psychology from the illustrious Clark Atlanta University. Shortly after she went on to complete her MA in Couples and Family therapy with a concentration in Sex Therapy from Thomas Jefferson University. Currently she is on a journey to complete her PhD in Human Sexuality from California Institute of Integral Studies. She is a Sex and Relationship Expert and Owner of SOTT LLC, a multifaceted company with the overarching goal of providing the millennial generation a healthy blueprint for sex, love, and relationships through advocacy and education. Sex On The Table consists of a blog, podcast and an adult sex toy line Private Selection by SOTT. She has been featured in publications like Bustle, Buzzfeed, The Philadelphia Sun, and Voyage Atlanta. On her podcast- Sex On The Table, she and other experts of Sexology strive to expose the raw truths, to break the taboo of sex and sexuality, but also to shine a light on the fact that the millennials are breaking new territory of love, life, sex, and relationships. Currently she serves as a Sex and Relationship Therapist at Bloom Wellness and Therapy Center. Her passion is working with individual adults and couples, that face challenges with sex and/or sex related diagnosis, post-affair recovery, and relationship conflict across the lifespan. As well as working with individuals struggling with depression, relational problems, and divorce. She also works at AIDS Healthcare Foundation as a Medical Case Manager helping clients improve the quality of life by breaking barriers they may experience in the community. MoAndra Johnson wears many hats but her love for education, unlearning negative schemas, and positive sex education are commonalities that bridge every aspect of our phenomenal Founder's trajectory thus far.

Fun facts about MoAndra:

  1. Her name is pronounced: MOH-AHN-drah
  2. Her pronouns are She/Her
  3. Her birthday is on Valentine's Day, hence the name "The Love Doc"
  4. Couples from all walks of life are her favorite population to work with. There's something so magical and transformative about working to better a romantic relationship.
  5. She is a social justice warrior at heart! 
    Anti-Human Trafficking Advocate 
    HIV/AIDS Advocate 
  6. She is a ordained Marriage Officiant- Yes! She can perform your ceremony for your special day (email for inquiry)
  7. Something she's working towards? Expanding SOTT LLC nation wide as THE sexual wellness brand to shop with!