• b Condoms Classic 10 Pack
  • b Condoms Classic 10 Pack
  • b Condoms Classic 10 Pack
  • b Condoms Classic 10 Pack
  • b Condoms Classic 10 Pack
  • b Condoms Classic 10 Pack
  • b Condoms Classic 10 Pack

b Condoms Classic 10 Pack

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NO BREAKING, NO TEARING, NO LEAKING – Each and every condom is electronically tested THREE times (triple tested) to make sure that your b Condoms Classic 10 Pack is never compromised during vaginal, oral, or anal sex. b Condoms Classic 10 Pack are also regulated just like Trojan condoms, Lifestyles condoms, Durex condoms, Lelo Condoms, and Trojan Magnum condoms making them one of the safest and strongest condoms available so you and your partner can always feel safe and secure. 


Key Features

► 100% HIGH QUALITY, NON-TOXIC LATEX: All of b condoms are made from 100% non-toxic, pesticide-free, high-quality, ingestible safe latex and lubricants just like Sustain Condoms. They provide a low cost, but never cut corners like other cheap condoms, especially when it comes to your and your partner’s safety. Their strict quality control measures provide you with the reliability of enjoying long-lasting pleasure with the best condoms around.
► PREMIUM LUBRICATED FOR ENHANCED PERFORMANCE: The extended pleasure condoms have extra lubrication for enhanced sensation. You will be covered in a food-grade, ingestible safe, silky smooth lubricant giving you the perfect balance of not drying out or feeling overly lubricated while maximizing long-lasting comfort, pleasure, and climax control.
► SNUG FIT, SLIM FIT, TAILORED FIT : Whether you are seeking an affordable condom price or an alternative to enz condoms, condoms for her, natural condoms, lubricated condoms, the thinnest condoms, comfortable condoms or the best lubricated condoms, you will experience a more comfortable and natural feel with they're premium condoms. 
► NO MORE NASTY ODOR : b condoms are truly the best condoms to buy and best condoms to use. After trying different condoms, they're box of condoms provides you with ultra-smooth odor free premium latex and lubricant (no spermicide condoms). Additionally, they're neutral-scented lube removes the nasty rubber and waxy industrial latex smell making them the best condoms for pleasure.


1 x b condoms Classic, 10 condoms

1 x 1 x User Manual




Width-52 MM

Thickness- 0.06 MM

Length-180 MM