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  • Kirby Automatic Penis Masturbator Cup
  • Kirby Automatic Penis Masturbator Cup


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This vibe creates a truly impressive sensation that simulates a thrilling feeling beyond your imaginations, an ultimate pleasure machine for penis-owners. Kirby Masturbator Cup combines sucking and vibrating to bring you mind-numbing sensations. The well-crafted with a tight but supple sleeve, firmly grips and surrounds your penis like no other. With an entirely different contracting motor you can feel a sensation rising through your penis, exploding into a world of ecstasy, relaxation, and pleasure. 

This vibe can be used for edging – when you bring yourself or your partner close to orgasm, stop or slow down before orgasm is reached, then build back up to approach orgasm again. You can repeat this as many times as you like. Some people find this technique can help to delay and/or increase the intensity of their orgasm (results may vary).

Key Features

  3 Sucking and 3 Vibration Modes : This vibe is powerful wit different frequency, which can give you extraordinary pleasure.

► 100% Waterproof : This item is IPX7 waterproof rating, making it the perfect companion for the shower or bath. It's protected against immersion in water up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes of use.

Convenient to Carry-USB charging design : Quick charging, charging 2 hours can provide more than 1-2 hours of use time

► 100% Medical-Grade Silicone: Made from soft and durable silicone, a hypoallergenic and easy to clean material.

► It's your Private Selection: We keep things private with our discreet packaging. We will have an inconspicuous product box design, unmarked packaging, a confidential delivery, and express orders without leaving any sensitive words to protect your privacy.


1 x Kirby-Automatic Male Masturbator Cup

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x User Manual



Diameter: 3.35"
Length: 9.01"

100% Medical-Grade Silicone

100% Waterproof - IPX-7

CE and ROHS certified


Compatible with any water-based lube, but please avoid contact with silicone lubes and other silicone toys/products. 

Wash and clean this product before and after use