Setting Healthy Relationship Boundaries - 5 Powerful Reasons Why Confidence is Key

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When it comes to relationships, it can be hard not to be swept up in the excitement of feeling special in the eyes of someone we are attracted to. Romantic movies have taught us that being swept off our feet is a good thing. But it can feel a lot like being knocked off our balance.

Genuine love should feel like a great friendship, with all the good stuff thrown in. If you’re struggling to be who you are in the company of someone, then this relationship isn’t for you. But how can we apply personal boundaries in a way that feels right for us individually?

Here are 5 empowering reasons why confidence is always key:

  1. Your gut knows best. Consider how you feel after spending time with someone. Do you feel the best of yourself, or do you feel self-conscious and low? Your instincts are designed to keep you safe from harm. This is all part of the confidence you have present within you.
  2. When you feel confident, you have fun! Love and dating shouldn’t feel stressful. You’re allowed to enjoy the process and to explore who and what feels right for you. Dress to impress yourself before anyone else. Wear the outfits that make you feel great and spend time only with those who help you shine.
  3. Love yourself to set the standard. When we display genuine appreciation for who we are and communicate our authentic selves to the world, we teach others how to treat us. When someone sees you light up a room with your confidence, they will know what standard you are likely to expect and to accept.
  4. Self love is safe love. When you truly love who you are, the confidence you need to say ‘no’ when you need to and to disconnect from those who would harm you will naturally occur. You won’t have to search for answers of whether a situation (or person) is right for you; you will automatically know. You might surprise yourself at how quickly your boundaries come to light!
  5. You deserve more than you realize. Reading this article right now highlights the fact that you are feeling a little unsure of yourself right now - and that’s okay. We all stumble sometimes, and love can be hard to navigate. Hold on to the fact you are already complete as the person you are - partner or no partner, date or no date.

Despite what you social media feed might be telling you, we are all here working out how to navigate love and relationships the best we know how. Even those who seem to have everything together might not be sharing the full story. Let go of comparison culture to focus on you.

You deserve to enjoy relationships that help you grow and evolve in life, rather than bring you down or make you doubt yourself. You have worked hard to become the person you are, and developing healthy boundaries will help you move in the direction that’s truly meant for you.


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