• Getting Kinky- A "Will Do, Won't Do, Might Do" List

    Perhaps you and your partner have decided you’re going to try some new kinky activities in the bedroom but you’re not really sure what you and your partner are willing to try together. Find a time where you and your partner can sit together for about an hour to answer and discuss the following list. If you’d like, you can each print out a copy and fill it out in separate rooms and then come back together to discuss. If talking about this list together works better for you, go for it! The list is just a guide to get you and your partner to start talking about what kinky activities you want to try in your sex life.
  • Setting Healthy Relationship Boundaries - 5 Powerful Reasons Why Confidence is Key

    Genuine love should feel like a great friendship, with all the good stuff thrown in. If you’re struggling to be who you are in the company of someone, then this relationship isn’t for you. But how can we apply personal boundaries in a way that feels right for us individually?